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Statement of Next Digital Limited:
Following the arrests of Jimmy Lai, founder of Next Digital, and executives of the media group under the national security law on Monday, several hundreds of police officers conducted a raid at the Apple Daily headquarters. Officers were seen rifling through documents in the newsroom, breaching press freedom through intimidation and creating an atmosphere of white terror. Apple Daily is furious and hereby strongly condemns the operation.
The Hong Kong Police Force have blatantly bypassed the law and abused their power, despite claims about acting according to the rules. They have, for instance, ignored the limitation of the search warrant and rifled through news materials, as well as restricting press members from reporting and obstructing a news organization from operating. In the face of these illegal, unreasonable and barbaric tactics, the staff of Apple Daily will stay fearless and continue speaking the truth amid persecution.
Beijing’s national security law for Hong Kong claims to guarantee residents’ freedom of speech, of the press and of publication, but the authorities’ actions have proved otherwise. Raiding a news institution is a severe attack on press freedom and should not be tolerated in a civilized society. The regime believes that we will be silenced by intimidation and harassment, and that they can take an international city down the path of autocracy. Hong Kong’s press freedom is now hanging by a thread, but our staff will remain fully committed to our duty to defend the freedom of the press.
As Publisher of Apple Daily Cheung Kim Hung says: Apple Daily shall fight on.

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