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上週,香港大專學界國際事務代表團(HKIAD)到訪德國在柏林期間,9月14日,發言人邵嵐與歐洲議會議員Mr. Bütikofer見面並交換了對於香港目前局勢及走向的看法。


1. 歐盟國家對受政治打壓的香港人提供難民庇護;
2. 接受因濫捕或被政治打壓而留下犯罪紀錄的香港人申請簽證;
3. 於歐盟國家推行馬格尼茨基式法案,全面製裁侵犯港人人權的中國或香港官員。

Mr. Bütikofer表示支持香港人並將盡他所能遊說各歐盟國家對香港作出實際援助。

 HKIAD – Visit to Berlin – Meetings with European Parliament Member 

Joey Siu of the HKIAD met with the European Parliament member, Mr. Bütikofer and exchanged their views regarding the current situation of Hong Kong.

On behalf of the delegation, Joey made a few suggestions,

1. Member states of the European Union should grant asylum to Hongkongers who experience political suppression;

2. Ensure victims of unlawful arrest could apply for Visas in future times;

3. Implementing a Magnitsky-styled act in European countries to sanction individuals who violate human rights.

Mr. Bütikofer showed his solidarity with Hongkongers and will try his best to urge the member states of the European Union to help Hong Kong with real actions.

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