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华盛顿 - 美國眾議院外交事務委員會主席艾略特·恩格爾今天(7月27日)就香港局勢發表以下聲明

Washington—Representative Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, today made the following statement on the situation in Hong Kong:

“新聞報導,香港警方使用暴力應對香港和平抗議以及元朗地鐵站襲擊記者行為,我對此深表關注。 我促請各方保持克制,並呼籲香港政府維護其對法治的承諾。 過去幾個星期,警方據報使用過度暴力,這玷污了香港在政府治理和公平司法方面的國際聲譽。

“I am deeply concerned by the reports of police brutality in response to peaceful protests in Hong Kong and by the vigilante attacks on reporters in Yuen Long MTR Station. I urge all parties to exercise restraint and call on the Hong Kong Government to uphold its commitment to the rule of law. Allegations of police violence over the past weeks have tarnished Hong Kong’s international reputation for good governance and the fair administration of justice.



“Moreover, Beijing’s increasingly harsh responses and propagandic depictions of ‘radical protestors’ as ungrateful troublemakers egged on by ‘foreign interference’ further sheds light on the Chinese Communist Party’s continued attempts to chip away at the freedoms and rights that make Hong Kong unique.


“這些抗議活動起源於對香港引渡法提出的有問題的修正案的回應,但持續的不滿情緒清楚地反映了香港政府與其人民的願望之間更廣泛的脫節。 我希望行政長官能採取一切措施,正面解決這些問題。“

“These protests originated as a response to the problematic amendments proposed to Hong Kong’s extradition law, but the sustained discontent is a clear reflection of a broader disconnect between the Hong Kong Government and the aspirations of its people. I hope the Chief Executive will take all steps to address these issues head-on.”


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